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Reworking a Painting - Part 2

So today I am sharing another instalment of my 'Reworking a Painting' progress with you. Since last fortnight, the painting's direction has become much clearer.


The mountains are Now much more clearly defined (they represent my Life goals/dreams):

One mountain houses my Art (the big one).

The other mountain represents my part-time career in Kindy Teaching (I am re-enrolling in uni next year to upgrade my teaching qualifications, enabling me more financial security + school holidays off with my family + more time for my Art).

I had been concerned how to manage both of these as I have been a full-time Artist for a while now and have only recently returned to part-time teaching, but Art weaves through both of them so clearly for me. 

The curved row down the bottom have become beautiful seed pods, now with their roots stretching down deep and securely into the Earth, where before there were none.

The volcano of unsureness and frustration is morphing into passion and acceptance; that I don't always need the answers, they will unfold in perfect timing. And that I am safe to express How It Is.

Overall, there is a sense of reassurance, movement, protection, growth and harmony, reminding me that my Life needs will emerge with me, as my careers flourish, alongside my needs for my family Life.


All this feels so wonderful to articulate! I feel so grateful to paint intuitively, it is as insightful as it could possibly be, like gifts of wisdom straight from my Spirit.

All My Love,

Chrissy Xox

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