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Intentions for 2015

This week, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to experience / create in 2015. In my latest Expressive Art-Letter, I shared why I'm optimistic about my year ahead, along with this beautiful prompt from Julia Cameron's 'Walking in This World' book:

If I let myself admit it, I think I have a secret gift for ...

Did you sense a little niggle in your tummy, or did any words or pictures come to mind when you read that sentence? That's Your Intuition talking.

My Intuition spoke to me straight away, too: She said, 'Writing Books'.

Ever since childhood, I have been writing and illustrating books. When I was a kid, the books were imaginative and all about my interests.

{ Like 'The Time Machine' I wrote and illustrated in grade two; about a little girl was whisked away on a fair-ride, back to the time of the dinosaurs. She brought back an egg to present day and ended up with a pet dinosaur when it hatched! }


These days, my musings have shifted, but are still about my interests and current experiences; Teaching, Art, Spirit, Connection and Managing my Anxiety in more loving, accepting ways.

So this year, I plan to do some more mindful, inspiring writing. I am in the process of scribing my Expressive Painting teachings down, as well as a personal biography about my life of Art and Anxiety.

Where will this all lead? Who knows. Maybe published into a real-life book, perhaps more downloadable e-books or perhaps, something else my Spirit has floating around waiting for me in the ethers. I do like the idea of my own Spirit Art deck.

The outcome doesn't matter though for now. What matters, is that for 2015, I am listening to the musings of my beautiful Spirit, who knows the depths of me and my capacity to love and share and create.

So if nothing else, I will spend intentional time connecting with the most inspiring part of myself and bringing her into My Life.

Sounds like a great start to 2015.

I'd love to hear Your Intentions ... Did you get an intuitive niggle about Your Secret Gifts? Can you make time for them this year too? I've love to hear your musings in my comments section, below.

All my Love,

Chrissy xox

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