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Our Mini-Getaway

This year, I'm making a point to act kindly towards myself and schedule in regular time to refuel the Spirit. For me, that looks like afternoon nature walks with my little boy, a weekly yoga class, the occasional date night with hubby and a few mini getaways each year.


Hubby and I recently negotiated a new self-care regime, where once a year, we get to take some guilt-free time off from being a wife/husband/parent and simply relax and recoup - fully solo.

It was hubby's turn first, so kidlet and I join my parents for a lovely little 5 day getaway at Palm Beach ... and I'm so excited to share our holiday with you!


It always takes me a few days to slow down my energy to holiday-mode. Often, it's not until I'm away that I realise how highly-strung I'd been before I left! But if anything can slow me down, it's visiting the beach.

I'm not much of a string swimmer, preferring to stay in the calmer shallows, but what I lack in physical lifesaving ability, I make up for with sharp and open eyes.


For me, the beauty in Life resides in the small moments, the gifts that cost nothing, but our presence.


It's amazing the gifts that are provided for us, every single minute of the day, when we let ourselves be open, feel free and just notice the beauty around:

A pretty little cascade of leaves on the fence-line ... (I really want to paint these!)


The way the sun dances along the water near dusk ...


An afternoon swimming with my little guy ...


A beautiful pebble in my Mother's hands ...


A brisk walk along a sandy track with my little pirate boy.


These moments teach me that in the small things, there are some pretty grand treasures.


I'm always keen to hear your stories ...

What do you do to slow down?

Where do you go to recoup?

Who reminds you to come back home to You?


Leave your comment below and share your self-nurture tips.

Love C x

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