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Creative Kudos - Flora Bowley

Hi lovely people,

There is so much that inspires me on a daily level. I reckon sharing what lights us up is such a simple and beautiful way to spread good-feeling news. Goodness knows, we need more of that in our worlds!

So, I've begun a new series of blog posts featuring amazing people, doing amazing things. Welcome to Creative Kudos.

The first post I'd like to share with you is dedicated to the beautiful, talented and colourful ...

Flora Bowley.

Artist and Author of 'Brave Intuitive Painting'

Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley.jpg

Flora's book is a game-changer when it comes to painting with expressive freedom. Her work is colourful, unconventional, rich, layered, and vulnerably courageous, all of which she conveys beautifully in her book.

In short, this book is a seriously beautiful read! Every page is inspiring and generously illustrated with full-colour photos of Flora's beautiful artworks and sneak peeks inside her studio. I love it, it sits in my studio bookshelf, shining away.

Flora bowley book pic_600.jpg

Flora also offers a free, weekly mail-out called Seeds of Inspiration, which I completely adore. Her latest post, 'Your edges are your teachers' is just divine!

You can easily find Flora's book online, but if you want a real treat, pop over to here website HERE to get yourself a personally signed copy.

Thank you Flora for your amazing energy!

Love Chrissy x

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