Hi, I'm Chrissy

Intuitive Artist + Teacher 

New and Colourful Directions

Hi there gorgeous one. I hope you've had a great week so far! It's great to be with you here again.

Ever since leaving my day job and stepping into the realm of being a full-time Artist, I've begun learning new ways to gain comfort living in the unknown all.the.time. It isn't easy to be this free, the old, predictable ways of being pulled in many directions has become something I've almost grown to nurture over the years.

Cultivating new directions, for me, is about making new choices, regardless of the way I've always done things. The way I've learned to tippy-toe into the new, is by testing the waters first, through my Art.


There's this amazing e-course I'm doing through Alena Hennessey, called 'A Year of Painting.' Learning to look at life through a beginner's lens is such a wonderful way to step into the unknown and try new things, without fear of making mistakes. Being a freshie again is awesome!


When I let myself feel new, with fresh eyes, it becomes so much easier to let go of the way I've always done things. This process was unknown and colourful and freeing for me - but also a little bit scary, because it all feels so new ... Just like my life is, at this very point in time.

So, I did what I always do in my Art. I let go. I let it unfold, one minute at a time. One decision at a time. One task at a time. One word at a time.


I found this amazing quote, to go into the mix:

I lacked the knowledge and linear perspective to get into Art school. So now, I whitewash walls and imagine I'm Heaven's landscape painter.' { Bouvard }

(It's true, actually. In the early 2000's when I decided I wanted to pursue my creative side, I did apply to go to University Art in Melbourne. During the interview, they said to me, 'Your work is nice, but the competition is stiff here. There are some really talented people. You should have a back-up plan.' So I did - TAFE Art. It was short, practical and perfect, and I quit after a year, to self-teach. And now, I whitewash walls and paint my own, inner landscapes :)


While I waited for paintings and new, delicate wings to dry, I would walk off my anxieties every afternoon. Nature never ceases to amazing and inspire me, and moving my body helps me get out of my head.

You see, another reason I've been feeling anxious, is because in less than two weeks, I'm launching my Expressive Painting and Expressive Colour E-Course.

The E-Course Painting is finished. The colourful text is all written. The filming is finished. The editing is gruelling, but almost finished. A dream, is almost finished. And I'm freaken' petrified.


Having the space to go after dreams is both the most amazing and scary experience. Because it's actually happening.

What happens if no one likes it? What if they all think it's shit? What if I'm only good at teaching in-person? What if no one wants it?

Ahhh, the mind. I think it's time for a walk.


So, I'll leave you with my second new painting for this week, inspired by an excerpt from the beautiful poem by Eamon Grennan, 'The Cave Painters' ...

Holding only a handful of rushlight

they pressed deeper into the dark, at a crouch   

until the great rock chamber

flowered around them and they stood

in an enormous womb of

flickering light and darklight, a place

to make a start.

Sounds just about right, to me.

Love, Chrissy xx



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