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Creative Kudos - 5th Element Life

Sometimes you meet someone and you instantly 'click'. You know you're basically strangers, but for some reason, something inside feels familiar ... 'I know you.'

When this happens to someone you've never actually met in-person, it can be strangely even more surreal. Meet my next guest:

Sarah Williams :: 5th Element Life.

Spiritual Gangster + Earth Mother + Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur + Multi-media Magician + Creative Goddess.

{ image source :  5th Element Life  }

{ image source : 5th Element Life }

In a world where so many people are striving to be a 'something', the gorgeous Sarah from 5th Element Life, is not afraid to be multi-passionate. She designs jewellery, paints beautiful watercolour animals, reads tarot, writes, blogs, dabbles in shamanic practices and she's full of iridescence ... Seriously. Check out her Instagram images HERE.

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{ Image source : HERE }

After following her for a while, I was keen to see more behind Sarah's work and Life. Sarah used to be a successful accessory and clothing designer, but since having her little boy in 2012, she's set about creating a business and Life she feels more aligned with.

Her new mindset has led her to create her gorgeous 5th Element Life website and a beautiful range of intuitively designed Mandala Rings, which launched late last year. I adore how she's put so much feeling into creating them; with each ring representing a different personal quality, such as Compassion, Imagination and Protection and associated 'Element' and 'Spirit Animal'. Not surprisingly, they all sold out pretty quick! She tells me a new batch is on its way soon.

{ Image source :   HERE   }

{ Image source : HERE }

Recently, Sarah has also begun sharing sneak peeks her new watercolour 'Spirit Animals', which she is creating for an upcoming book and special project, for later in the year ... Wonder what it is?!

But the thing I most love about Sarah, is her unique fusion of Spirit, Edge and Cheekiness. She has this amazing way of coming across as both free-spirited and wise.

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{ Image source : HERE }

{ Image source :   HERE   }

{ Image source : HERE }

This girl talks my kinda language!

Everything is connected and anything is possible. I want the world to know that we can all create our own change and no one has to settle for anything. I'm all about teaching others to align with their spirit and let it call the shots; not the head, not our physical body - not anyone else - but your spirit. It knows who you truly are! - Sarah.

If you're as intrigued and inspired by this lovely lady as I am, you can find her on Instagram, Facebook and her beautiful, spirited website HERE.


Chrissy x

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