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Creative Kudos - Belinda Suzette

This week I am excited to share an amazing, fellow Australian Artist with you this week.

Belinda Suzette.

Cross-disciplinary Folk Artist, Illustrator & Designer

(+ my vote for future Prime Minister of Australia!)

I've been following Belinda's work for years now. She's one of those amazing people-persons, who is not afraid to say-it-how-it-really-is or push the boundaries of the status quo. This inner confidence comes out of her like a laser and gets channeled into these amazingly colourful, cookie-cutter-free Artworks, Objects and Designs that knock my socks off every.single.time.

Belinda's folksy, cross-disciplinary work feels both endearing and edgy to me. I love how she's inspired by Culture and Celebration and fuses unlikely materials and ideas together to create pure awesomeness. Everything feels crisp and new. Confident and free. Soft, yet punchy.

I want to go there.

Belinda's design work regularly features on loads of posters and album covers, which she custom creates for grassrootsy kind of people and events. Such a great fit. Look at that gorgeous colour combo!

Recently, I was killing time on facebook (as you do), when I came across this, from Belinda's personal facebook page. With her permission, I'd like to share it with y'all. She gets my vote!

If I was the boss of Australia, I would legalise gay marriage, I would sit on a boat and point a harpoon at any sod that dared to mess with the Great Barrier Reef, I would declare 'Cuddle a Tasmanian Devil Day', I would encourage the sharks to nibble on any human silly enough to swim where they live, I would invite Julia Gillard to a tea party, I would get strict on immigration, and welcome the refugees, I would employ visionaries to redesign and up cycle our cities, put solar panels on every roof, water tanks by every house, I would insist on grey water systems in each home, I would make mandatory a 3 day work week, a 3 day weekend, and 1 day a week devoted to philanthropy. I would erect giant vertical farms, build up and not out, I would stop so much digging around, make big business share their lunch with small business, not let people own too many properties, kill tv as we know it, change the date of Australia Day so it doesn't fall on Invasion Day. I'd change the flag and national anthem. I would pay street artists and illustrators and musicians to colour our towns. I would revamp Education big time, baby, and that's just on Monday. What would you do?

Visit Belinda's beautiful website HERE and be sure to check out her amazing BLOG, filled with treasure as far as they eye can see.

Love, Chrissy x

Behind the scenes this week ///

'Expressive Colour' in Redcliffe Botanical Gardens, Feb 2014