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NEW! Expressive Colour Workbook

When I was a kid, I was always writing and illustrating adventure books. I loved the rush of sharing an inspirational story and creating the pictures from my head, into form.

Fast forward 30 odd years and I have an adult-version adventure book to happily share with you all! Enter: My inspiring new downloadable Expressive Colour Workbook!

This is a workbook like no other. Actually, it's not 'work' book at all. But play-book sounded kinda cheesy.

In it, I have shared everything I know about expressive, artistic colour, in one, eye-popping, beautifully illustrated, 36 page manual.

Perfect for beginners through to established Artists alike, this unique workbook combines our personal feelings and experiences with playful colour practices, enabling us to communicate expressively with colour.

WORKBOOK_screen shot 1.jpg

This is an inspirational journey through nature, your own intuitive experience and the colour wheel. You will learn techniques for developing amazing colour in your own Artworks and be provided with detailed how-to's, using my own expressive Artworks and mini exercises as references.

Nature Collage_600.jpg

With a focus on being playful and letting go of expectations you can learn how to:

  • Celebrate your unique spirit, with colour
  • Mix, combine and experiment with colour combinations
  • Tap into YOUR inspiration & intuition
  • Learn to make colour 'pop' in your Artworks
  • Use nature for inspiration and guidance

Each section includes meaningful mini exercises to help put the all the colour inspiration into practice.

WORKBOOK_screen shot 6.jpg

Sound juicy and fun? That's the plan!

Cost: $45


Please note: Participants of my Expressive Painting E-Course will automatically receive this workbook as lesson one of the online course. If you purchase this workbook and would love to upgrade to my e-course, you will receive a $45 discount! Hooray!

Please email me directly and I will send you a paypal invoice for your booking.


Chrissy x

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