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18 things highly creative people do differently ...

Today I came across this great article from the Huffington Post, called 18 things highly creative people do differently. It's too good not to share!

Image by   Sam Covey Photo

Here are some of the tell-tale characteristics of creative peeps ...

  1. They daydream.
  2. They observe everything.
  3. They work the hours that work for them.
  4. They take time for solitude.
  5. They turn life's obstacles around.
  6. They seek out new experiences.
  7. They 'fail up' (fail repeatedly until something 'sticks').
  8. They ask big questions.
  9. They people-watch.
  10. They take risks.
  11. They view all of life as an opportunity for self-expression.
  12. They follow their true passions.
  13. They get out of their own heads.
  14. They lose track of time.
  15. They surround themselves with beauty.
  16. They connect the dots.
  17. They constantly shake things up.
  18. They make time for mindfulness.

I definitely found myself nodding, thinking, 'Yup, Husband would definitely agree with that one!' (for better or worse!)

Read the full article HERE

{ Thank you to Artist Dora Ficher for sharing this post with me! }

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