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Creative Kudos - Core.

When I came across the beautiful, spirited work of ‘Core.’, I had a distinct feeling of ‘something extra’ behind the label, which I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Something felt deeper, more essential, even ancestral and I was completely intrigued and wanted to know more.

Damara Sestanovich :: Core.

Watercolour Artist +  Adornment Designer.

As Life would have it, the day came when I found myself exhibiting next door to the owner of Core., Damara Sestanovich. We shared our time between chatting to customers and each other; and with each story Damara shared in her very humbled way, my love affair with her label burned hotter, like a wildfire in my heart.

This girl’s got HEART.

As it turns out, there is something deeper behind the Core. label. Every piece is infused with a sense of spirited connection to Damara's personal history or experience, whether it be memories or nature or travel in her childhood.

The day we met, Damara shared how when she was trying to find a word to capture the 'essence' of her work, she came across the word 'Core': the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything. That was the day the Core. label was born.

In recent months Damara and I have crossed paths many times over through our creative endeavours. Every time we do, I fall deeply in love with an item of Jewellery, Art or Adornment that I simply cannot go home without owning. My collection is growing steadily.

Damara is someone I look up to for her amazing sense of generousity, clarity, humility and visual storytelling, all wrapped with within an air of intrigue that keeps me wanting to know more. She is continually updating her range with new and contemporary designs which makes following her journey a real treat.

You can find Core. on facebook and browse her beautiful stores on Etsy, Madeit and Society 6.


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