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Meet my Creative Assistant!

Over the last few months, I've absolutely loved experiencing my Art reach more and more people. It can be a really rough slog establishing oneself in a world; where Art is often seen as an 'extra' rather than a necessity, but for me there's no other choice: I believe so deeply in expressing a life filled with freedom and possibility, that I simply must power forward and open my heart more and more to it each day.

Thankfully, I am reaching a point where I can get in some hired help on my journey. Enter, my trusty assistant, Sambo!

Sambo and I with her gorgeous painting at my workshop last year.

Sambo and I with her gorgeous painting at my workshop last year.

Sam Covey and I met when I used to paint murals for a living for Queensland Rail. Back then, my work as a Community Artist had me visiting schools and philanthropic organisations, in order to create collaborative mural designs to transform train stations into more inviting places.

One particular time, I went to a school in North Brisbane and met Sam, who was a senior Art student at the time. For hours each day, we would sit outside in the sunshine and paint together on the mural projects. Something told me she was a special person.

Fast forward a number of years and facebook was invented. Sam and I reconnected, which is when I discovered that she'd become a professional photographer. My heart swelled that someone so deliciously creative was also following her heart!

Sam took our family photos in 2012.

Sam took our family photos in 2012.

In recent months, I have been blessed to have Sam join me at my exhibition and workshop gigs, to help me out while I'm teaching or painting. If you come along to one of my in-person workshops, you will meet the lovely Sam in person. Be sure to call her Sambo - she loves it!

Not only is Sambo a beautiful person, she has a wonderful way of seeing the world. I just love how she can capture the essence of a moment, with so much feeling and authenticity.

Here are a few pics she took when I was featured as a Director's Highlight at the 2013 RAWARDS night.


View a gallery below with more pics from the event, taken by Sambo ...

For more of Sam's beautiful photography, check out this post HERE, where she captured my last Expressive Art Workshop in the Redcliffe Botanical Gardens, in beautiful, crisp colour.

To hire Sam for your next special event in Brisbane surrounds, visit her facebook page HERE ... and her beautiful website will be launched very soon!

Luv ya Sambo xxx


Chrissy x

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