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Ahhh ... Do you ever feel super exhausted from giving and giving sometimes?
I feel this way fairly often and I'm making an effort this year to give back to myself - regularly.

To do this, I I like to get away from my Art and job and the daily grind every so often, to just relax and be.

So this afternoon, I'm clocking off for a week and going up the Sunshine Coast with my family.
These mini breaks a few times a year are my chance to really let go, receive and rejuvenate - but more than anything, recalibrate my norm.

I find that this space helps me reconnect with nature and fun and freedom - and just feel 'lighter'. These feelings can too easily fall by the wayside when we're working and being a responsible Mumma and/or nurturer.

Time for some delicious Spirit Soup xx


Chrissy x

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