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Since returning from my Expressive Art Retreat, I've been feeling the creative mojo flowing.

I am always so inspired to witness how other people express themselves with paint; how they choose to weave their objects and shapes and feelings together. For me, I feel like painting is getting more and more about becoming more and more free every time I step up to the canvas.

I still like my fine detail work, but I have to say, the initial paint layers are always my favourite, because of how free and loose they feel during the creation process.

I am secretly wanting to keep them like this. So pure and clean and alive ... but I know I will probably add more.

Work in progress, May 2014.

Work in progress, May 2014.

I find that working on both large canvas and smaller paper works; is a great way to harness my creative energy, however that may feel for me at the time. When I'm feeling big and bold, I love to work large on canvas, because there's more space to get energetic and playful.

Work in progress, May 2014.

Work in progress, May 2014.

Other times, it's more about expressing an idea or feeling, and that's when smaller collages on paper work well for me. It's a lot quicker and more specific ... and I can let myself get carried away in decorating.

Yet to be titled, May 2014.

Yet to be titled, May 2014.

Sometimes, I honestly sit and ask myself, 'When did I decide I would become an 'Artist?'

It's a strange question, because as a kid, I didn't even know it was a job. It's kind of something that has become me, slowly and surely creeping further and further into my Spirit to the point now, where I can't imagine doing anything else.

I think sometimes, we make conscious choices about specifically where we want to go. I have found that my Artworks reflect the way my Life has panned out ... I just keep following and seeking out what lights me up inside and one day, I realise I've created an Artwork and Life better than I knew I was capable of.

It's a humbling, lovely feeling, which is I think why I do it. Just because it's what I know to feel good.


Chrissy x

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