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Live Art + Yogafest + Charity Auction

Hello friends! I feel so excited to share this wonderful event with you ...

In recent months, I have been working with the wonderful Renee from Viroga Yoga Studio to collaborate on a very special project together:

The practice run:

This week, while Renee taught her wonderful Monday class, I set up all my paints to give our collaboration a practice run, before the event. During the 45 minute session, I painted the beautiful energy in the room, and this is what emerged! Such a great way to start the week!

There was such wonderful energy in the class and everyone in the room loved being a part of our practice run together.

10499117_1500005783566342_2066992417_ copy.jpg

The Live Art & Yoga Event:

On Sunday 13th July, we will perform our live yoga/art collaboration at this year's Yogafest in Brisbane, which is the largest yoga festival in Australia. Come along for the day and join us for a wonderful start to the day, by participating in Renee's class and your energy will become a part of the Artwork while I paint!

Renee and I have a beautiful prime place in the Hall of the Old Museum grounds (where Brisbane Finders Keepers is also held!)

The event will take place first up on the Yogafest Sunday, 13th July at 9am, Old Museum, Bowen Hills, Brisbane. Tickets HERE.

The Charity Art Auction:

In the week after the event, the Live Artworks will be auctioned on my Ebay site.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to my favourite charity, the Fred Hollows Foundation, so please dig deep!

Click HERE to visit the auction site.




Chrissy x

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P.S I have an upcoming In-Person Expressive Colour Workshop at Renee's beautiful yoga studio on 31st August. Click HERE if you would like to learn how to make expressive, intuitive Art with me.

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