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Kitchen Table Kindness

This book is incredible and the story behind it, even more so.


I emailed Janeen, one of my students recently, to let her know I had decided to cancel my upcoming Art workshops to focus on my healing and recovery. I offered her a choice of credit in my Art shop, or a full refund for her course fees.

Her response was angelic.

She put together a series of one pager quotes and author insights, for dealing with self-love and break-throughs and attached them in the email for me. 

She also shared inspiring tips from her recovery from break-down many years before, reminding me that in time, this time in my Life will become my great Break-through.

She invited me to share my address, so she could post me this book she found so helpful.

And last but not least, she told me to please keep the workshop fee and spend it on something loving and restorative for myself, like a massage or pedicure.

This woman, whom I have never met, has extended my view of what it means to be a truly compassionate human being. In doing so, I know there is a way forward from where I stand and I know I Live in a world where Great Love reigns in connection with others. I also know that when the time comes, I will step into such a role and share my Love too with someone who needs it, just as Janeen did with me.

Never underestimate the impact of your kindness and capacity to touch another person's heart with your empathy. Your actions may help someone to reach a deep place where they can fully receive Love and let it flow through their veins, like a restorative breeze of warmth and connection.

It may help them remember who they really are and what Life really means ... To Love.

I have experienced it first hand and will forever feel grateful in my heart for such a beautiful act of generosity and meeting of hearts. Thank you Janeen and all those who have shared kindness with me throughout my Life. Sometimes, we just need to know we are not alone.

Love C xx


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