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Work in Progress - Lillies

This morning I pushed through some old beliefs about how Mothers should be totally in service of others, and I took some time to come down to my studio to paint. It may seem like a small thing, but it's something I grapple with often, especially around deserving time off when my husband is home.

So, I just did it and here I am, admiring something really different that has emerged from my painting session ...


I've been itching to paint since yesterday, when I was meditating and experienced a lovely moment of peace beneath my anxieties ... a beautiful, serene lily pond.

I googled a few images for inspiration and found that Monet's paintings captures the soft essence I felt in my mind's eye.


Funnily enough, during my meditations recently I have been connecting with my Nana who passed away a few years ago. She was a caring, yet had a streak of humour and naughtiness behind her demeanour, which I always loved about her. Her name, was Lilly ... So this painting feels fitting in more ways than one.

Perhaps she's wih me right now, helping my to lighten up, remember to play and have fun. I am looking forward to seeing where this painting goes for here.

Love Chrissy xx


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