Hi, I'm Chrissy

Intuitive Artist + Teacher 

Unfolding, Forever

Last week that I thought I'd finished this painting ...

Sometimes in a flurry of expressive creativity, the surge within me will unleash onto the canvas and I'll fall in Love with what has emerged instantly ... However, this doesn't always mean an Artwork is finished.

Over the years, I have learned that it's usually a good idea to employ a wait-period when I finish a painting. A few days later, I might see something new with a fresh set of eyes, or the essence within me may not feel fully expressed yet. Either way, my paintings will beckon me to keep playing ...

This instinct happens often and I have learned to trust it. Because I work expressively, sometimes what 'looks pretty' may not feel fully authentic - yet. The bones can be there, but something is still 'missing'.

It can feel frustrating when I use my Art to express my personal insights, when I haven't quite grasped the lesson in the moment. Lately when I have felt this frustration of not-knowing, I just go within and express how I'm feeling right now.

The truth is, there are times for all of us, when we don't have the answers.

Making Art is teaching me that these times too are precious and worthy of Love, because we're all a work in progress. The fact that my Art comes to a finish line doesn't mean that I ever will. I think we can all come to places of rest, but there will always be a new season ahead for us to explore.

The beauty of Art is that we can capture these moments, these insights, and preserve them as images filled with meaning. This is what makes being an Artist to me, so exciting. We all share these unfolding traits and common experiences together and I get the job of symbolising these moments, in colour.

I could not think of a better job I'd prefer to have, in service of sharing Love; unfolding forever.

All my Love,

Chrissy x

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