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Work in Progress - Sailing on Intuition

A few weeks ago I wrote about this painting. I was excited about the synchronicities that were taking place as I created ... The little pieces of the puzzle that suddenly clicked together when my intuitive paintings start to make sense.


As the weeks roll on, it's really common to experience new ideas and inspirations. Sometimes, this means revisiting a painting for a new layer, when some of the existing content either no longer feels relevant, or a new direction becomes more apparent.

Letting go of painted areas I once liked, with the trust that I will be able to create something better to take it's place, can feel pretty scary!

But, I have learned at it's okay to feel scared sometimes, both in paint and in Life. It is a natural feeling when we let go of something existing and open up to trust in something new, especially when we've never been there before.

However, whatever I may lack in experience, I have plenty of within me - Intuition.

Image source found  HERE .

Image source found HERE.

When I sat down to this painting yesterday, my intuition led me to explore the idea of a boat further. I associated the little sailboat I'd already painted in the upper right corner with being blown with the wind, whereas since I painted it, I've been feeling more calm within myself. So, I did a google search for a boat image for inspiration and I found this delicious image above.


For me, choosing a new direction comes from a desire to feel authentic in my painting. To be honest, I'm not even sure why a boat best depicts my experience right now, but it doesn't really matter. All I know is, it does ... and that is the beauty of expressive, intuitive painting.

It makes sense Within.

I recently somewhere that intuition is the meeting points between logic and emotions. I love this statement.

More and more,  I am finding that being present with my experience and intuitive hunches is the way I feel most authentic. Sometimes, intuition feels more like a 'knowing' than plain logic ever could.

I'm excited where this painting will sail from here.

Love, Chrissy xx

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