Hi, I'm Chrissy

Intuitive Artist + Teacher 

Mini Musings ... Meaningful Home


This is my favourite nook of our home.

Everything here has special meaning ... A painting I created when I was teaching a workshop; a mask bought from overseas for my Husband; candles from my Mum; a bunch of flowers I treated myself to; a little pot filled with a succulent, a jade Buddha, a found seed pod; and a custom made spoon for our anniversary one year, stamped with the text 'Let's Grow Old Together'.

Little things like these help me create a sense of inner belonging and understanding of my place in the world. It's the small things; the memories, the special moments and shared connections that are captured in a shape, an object, a painting, that serve as reminders of times when I have felt and shared Love. 


All my Love, Chrissy x



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