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Mini Musings - Being Human

I was walking home this morning after dropping my son off at kindy.
I was feeling a bit raw inside, because he's new to this, and cries whenever I leave him.

It got me wondering how I should best support him through this time. I want so much for him to feel secure and safe, but the truth is, I'm still working that all out for myself. I wondered whether I'm a good Mum or not.

Suddenly, I realised something - I'm not the only one who has ever experienced this feeling. There are millions of people all over the world who have felt this way, I'm sure of it. This thought comforted me.

We all share concern for our loved one's well-being. I'm not alone in this.

The truth is, there is so much else we share with one another, as Human Beings.
It's just that many of us are too scared to talk about the things that make us feel vulnerable ... And the reason we feel so vulnerable, is because no-one wants to be seen as 'not having it all together'.

So, here we are, all walking around, trying to show the world that we're strong and confident and capable, because everyone else seems to have it together, don't they?

Nup. We're all just doing our best.

You and me, we're more alike than different. We all Love. We all Hurt. We all Win, we all Lose. We all feel Scared and Vulnerable and Alone sometimes, too. There's no textbook on how to be a good Human Being. Certainly, magazines and TV share messages of how we 'should' be, but to me, that's not REAL.

What I crave for, is for shared experiences of Being Human, instead of trying to live up to how a 'Human should Be'.

I honestly believe that when we can begin to open up to each other and share our vulnerable stories, alongside the ones we know we'll be accepted for, we'll start to heal our culture. You, me, all of us.

Through our personal stories, we can begin to see that we're really not as separate as we feel sometimes. What we all share here, regardless of our upbringing, successes or losses, is Being Human.

There's much Love in this shared togetherness.

All My Love,
Chrissy x


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