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Art Journalling

Art Journalling

This week I have started Art Journalling again and I cannot tell you enough, how satisfying it is to create from this purely intuitive, simple process.


Every day, I intuitively select an image from my stash of National Geographic magazines and then play with the simple images along with colour and text or poetry.

As with my usual painting process, I am not really aware of the significance of the intuitive hunches, I just go with it. Images ... Words ... Colour ... Whatever comes, can come.


The images seem to flow naturally, but I have to dig a bit deeper for the words ... They feel a lot more clunky to emerge, but that's okay. It's just a journal and doesn't need to ace to perfection.

Sometimes, the words become a bit of an emotional boost of encouragement and other times, it's just a 'this it how it feels for me right now'.


The beauty of Journalling is there is no wrong ... And often, little gems of insight come from the process of creation. Upon reflection, things can feel clearer or even just seen.

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Chrissy x

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