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Ahhh ... I've finally carved out some time for Relaxation and Art-making, now that my munchkin started back at kindy. Today I went for a little scoot along the waterfront, had cuppa with a friend, fell asleep in my hammock and woke up and made some Art. Lucky me!

When I have a little break, I actually forget how much I love to self-care and create and how much it fills my Soul.

Here are some work in progress pics from today ...


I find collage is a great way to ease into making again after a hiatus ... These images are from my own photographs and from a pile of National Geographic magazines I have.


Big old trees, foxes, deep water discovery ... I have a thing at the moment for animals and images that represent Strength, Wisdom and Power to me.


I took a break when kidlet got home from Kindy and got back to painting again, once he'd fallen asleep for the night. 


I decided to take some big risks with this painting ... By painting over some huge sections and hours and hours of work, with black gesso. It has been reincarnated about four times now ... And I'm still not sure where it's going. Such is Life.


I kinda felt a bit stuck here, so decided to call it a night and come beck with fresh eyes, in a day or two. It feels frustrating to leave a painting that doesn't feel resolved, but that's just a feeling for now. There's a middle for everything. Besides, time always gives me some refreshing new direction.

All my Love, 

Chrissy xx


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