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My Week in Melbourne

Since living and studying Art in Melbourne back in the early 2000's, I've returned for many trips back to this beautiful city. However this time, excitedly, was the first my family has joined me.

out the plane window

I love being able to see the world through new, fresh eyes. Joining my three year old son and parents for the holiday enabled me to travel like a tourist again; noticing things I may not have taken the time to experience otherwise.

The beautiful architecture ...

melbourne architecture

The clear, bluer-than-blue sky, against the mirrored glassy waters ...

melbourne reflections

The food ... Oh my!

st kilda cakes

The culture ...

The groovy cafes ...

melbourne cafe outdoor

The colourful eye candy around every new corner ...

mummy and maxie

Everywhere we turned, there was something to do, see, to engage with. I spent a whole week without making an Art whatsoever and instead, experienced many meaningful moments and discoveries with my family. It was bloody awesome, and refreshing.


Now I've returned to Brisbane, and Life has all come full circle again. Having been a kindy teacher for many years alongside my Art career; I have embarked on a new journey to upgrade my Teaching qualifications (this time, in my home town).

This inevitably means a little less time in the Studio during UNI, but I'm really looking forward to it all filtering into my Expressive Art offerings for the future. Plus, all that delicious extra studio time over the holiday breaks will be extra special now ... Someday, I'll finish this colourful beauty.

work in progress

And thankfully, there's lots of them.

Here's to embracing change.

All my Love,

Chrissy xx

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