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Intuitive Journalling

I'm coming to understand that creating Art is a lot like journalling for me. Instead of using words, I use pictures to symbolise, muse about and understand what I'm experiencing in my Life right now. Working intuitively means sometimes, they're even a bit prophetic.

Here are a few little works I've been playing with in recent weeks ...

Intuitive Painting.

Intuitive Painting.

I had no idea what this one meant when I created it.

Some of my facebook peeps made some pretty cool interpretation suggestions, like "You have an ancient and wise soul that is very connected to the beauty of Earth"  ... "You are at complete peace with your here and now situation" and ... "It holds the vibration of each of the elements, air, fire, water & earth like a healing journey ... Being comfortable with the whole self".

These wonderful interpretations made me realise two things. One is that it is such a blessing to connect with people in a way that invites others to find greater meaning through colour and imagery. The other is, it doesn't matter if I don't know the meaning of my work, it can still be very powerful.

Morning Journalling.

Morning Journalling.

Here's another little piece I created, this time in my little A5 Art Journal. Again, no preconceived idea, just an expression of my feelings and energy at the time.

I Love creating these pieces. There's no demands for them to look good enough to share or sell, they're just for me. I can experience being 'In the moment' with these. Being present feels good. That's enough for me.

Occasionally these intuitive pieces do become something greater - Something I want to share. Last night sitting at the kitchen table, an Intuitive Collage I've reworked over the last 6 months finally came together. Luscious pastels, leaves and lots of colourful energy.

As I created, I etched  'Freedom Within' into the paint on the lower left corner, because it matched the feelings I had at the time. So, she has a name and she's now available to someone who resonates with her.

'Freedom Within'. Mixed media on paper. 11" X 14". $145. Contact me for purchase.

Intuitive Collage - 'Freedom Within'.

Intuitive Collage - 'Freedom Within'.

If you'd like to see these free-association works as I create them, I invite you to pop over to follow my Instagram feed. I upload these journal-inspired works as the inspiration strikes and they don't always make the blog. It's great if you enjoy some extra behind the scenes insights.

All my Love,

Chrissy x

If I'm Being Honest ...

My New Tattoo

My New Tattoo