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Trust Gesture - Pay What You Want Art Courses

Trust Gesture - Pay What You Want Art Courses

One of my personal big Life lessons, is Trust. Perhaps it's yours, too. Trusting the best in people and trusting Life in general, is something that feels deeply important to me - not just mentally, but from deep within my Heart-of-Hearts. The alternative literally shrinks my insides.

We live in a day and age where trusting is something that doesn't seem to come naturally anymore. We're always thinking people are out to rip us off, or we need to protect ourselves and hoard our belongings. The media certainly feed this hype.

After reading musician Amanda Palmer's eye-opening book year, I was struck with a beautiful concept she shared, involving The Art of Asking. She discusses a form of exchange where Artist's content can and should be directly supported by fans, on their terms. For Amanda, this meant bravely putting her music up on her website for digital download, with a donation button for her fans to support her Art to whatever monetary value they thought fitting.

Something inside me flickered - Do I trust people enough to offer my content for donation, too? It sounded beautiful in theory, but I felt bloody scared, if I'm honest.

But lately, the knock within has gotten louder. It's time ... Time to trust.

So here I am, outstretching my arms out wide and making my own version of Trust in You Grow. I now offer

Pay What it’s Worth to You Pricing

Now, all of my Online Art Courses and Classes are available in a pay-what-you-want format. But it's a little bit more than that, I think. It's Trust Pricing. I'm Trusting You to support my Art in a way that feels good to You. You're Trusting Me to provide quality content.

We both exchange our Trust and I think if we're Authentic about it, we both then grow from this. So, it's a step in the right direction for me, I think. Who knows where it might go from here?! We're heloing each other out here.

So, if you've been thinking about doing one of my E-Courses, now you can pay what it's worth to You, no strings attached. As I receive each contribution, I personally email each fan to say thanks within 48 hours, and pass on the digital content to You.

Check out my offerings HERE

I feel really excited about this exchange, so if you too Love the Trust Concept, I invite you to share it with a friend. Now peeps can get into Art-Making, whatever the bank balance.

All my Love,

Chrissy x

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