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Work in Progress, Peacock Style

This weekend I set up the easel in my backyard to get a bit of sunshine painting in. There's nothing quite like the feeling of painting in the great outdoors, while your little one plays in the garden nearby. Can you spot him?

peacock progress 1

This was a peacock-inspired painting I started months ago, but was not able to find a clear direction for her. I had left the top section whited out, ready for inspiration to come, which landed as soon as she stood proudly on the easel in the sunshine.

peacock progress 2

In my other profession as a kindergarten educator, I have been sharing a lot about nature and seeds with the children. The upper mandala section reminded me of the moment a seed 'comes alive' with potential once it is planted, so I turned it into a pod.

As I painted, something else came to mind ... the possibility of new life emerging, like a chrysalis. The seed-pod-come-chrysalis-shapes felt good to repeat over and over throughout the piece, like dripping, floating windows of potential.

peacock progress 3

By early lunch-time her story was beginning to come together. She felt bathed in the sunshine and emitted a light filled with warmth and joy. Previously, I had painted the word 'love' which I unearthed again by repainting in gold, near the peacock's beak. 

I am excited to see where she goes the next time I approach her with paint!

All my Love,

Chrissy x

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