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My Week

Every Wednesday is Mummy's Day for me. Yay! Occasionally my little man will visit his Grandparents' house, but most of the time, it's a whole day to spend with my little man, Maxie.

You might think we just create Art all day long together, but if I'm honest, he's just not that into painting with me! He'd much prefer I pretend to be Hulk. However, this week I introduced scissors, stamps and washi tape into the equation and managed to lure him in. Ohhh yeahhhh!

mixed media with children

I cannot tell you how much joy I felt in my chest as I created this piece with him. There were no plans in mind, no compositions to be considered. Just spending time with my little man and some Art materials. Bliss. We used a mix of crayons, felt pens, water, water paint, stamps and washi tape .. and I couldn't care less how it looks, because I remember how it feels every time I look at it, hanging proudly on my fridge. In fact, I quite like it!

As the time passes so quickly, more and more I am wanting to savour these treasured moments, burn them into my mind by experiencing them fully. Learning the Art of Mindfulness has helped so greatly with my heath and wellbeing over the last year and I Love how I can apply it in my parenting and Art as well.


This little guy turns four within the week and it brings home how much we've been through together and how much a part of my Life he is. For all those times as a Mum, when I've wished for some time to myself, I'm as equally grateful for how much he enables the best of me. Playfulness, Flexibility and Empathy have emerged in large doses, along with free time for sunshine, mud pies, milk and cookies in between. 

All My Love,

Chrissy xx

Cultivating Intuition

New Collage - Womb Keeper

New Collage - Womb Keeper