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Hello, beauties,
Lately I've been thinking a lot about Intuition and the role it plays in everyday living. Working with my intuition is something I've cultivated for so many years now, I just KNOW so deeply in my heart that it can be trusted.

But it wasn't always this way.

City of Dreams. Original Artwork and Prints available  HERE .

City of Dreams. Original Artwork and Prints available HERE.

For many years I ignored those inner hunches and made lots of wrong turns that in hindsight, could have turned out much differently (had I listened to my inner guidance). I would often feel 'a pull within' that a choice wasn't quite right for me, but I'd brush it off out of habit, fear or needing to feel accepted by others.

Yet sometimes, Life is just as much about learning who we aren't, as it is who we really are.

After I had a breakdown, I knew things had to change. I had been cultivating my intuition for many years before hand, but mostly just with the small things. I never had the courage to truly open up to the intuitive hunches that made me feel uncomfortable. But then I had to out of necessity.

I have learned that our intuition is our guide. 
It's the extraordinary part of us that can see into the future and back through the past and tell us - through our feelings now - what choice is for our highest good.

When we decide to live Life more intuitively, new choices must be made.

We can start with the small things, like following that inner hunch to go for a walk in the sunshine, where we are met with an uplifting sunset after a rough day. Then it can extend to listening to that inner nudge when a so-called friend asks us to do something contrary to our values. From here, we gain momentum to tackle the big stuff, like making changes for meaningful relationships to occur, or tackling an old wound, ready for forgiveness.

Intuition is as much an act of self-care, as it is a gift bestowed on every one of us ... if only we have the courage to listen. Much of my Artwork has been based on this premise and the more I open up to myself, the richer my paintings become.

Some personal intuitive nudges I have been receiving lately are:

  • To share my creativity through Live Art collaborations and exhibiting
  • To express my truth with Love, even when it is difficult to do so
  • To teach about cultivating intuition in playful, yet meaningful ways
  • To be bold enough to believe I deserve to receive and share Great Love.

Is there something your intuition has been nudging you forward to do? I'd love to hear about it in the comment below.

If you are someone ready to open up intuitively, I have some beautiful offerings for you. CLICK HERE for more info.

All My Love,

Chrissy x

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