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Paint Night Pics

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of hosting a Paint Night at the beautiful Viroga Yoga Studio.


After setting ourselves up with easels, paints and canvasses, we began by gathering together for an Intention Meditation. I led us through with a mini relaxation when we all chose an intention word for our evening together. Some of these luscious words included Freedom, Play, Enjoyment. Yummo.


Everyone chose a few special items to incorporate our intentions into our paintings. Then it was time to move to our own painting sanctuaries scattered around the space.

The energy in the room was so lovely. Soft music, lovely lighting as the sun went down to reveal twilight when the fairy lights came out. There was a palpable sense of permission as some of us sat on chairs to paint, others stood up, some of us settled on the floor, some of us inside, some of us out. Freedom. Colour. Bliss.


Ours was a group of eclectic women, all of us with rich backgrounds and abilities. Some of us hadn't painted in years, others created for a living. There was a sense of acceptance and community. We were all on the same level, painting for enjoyment and self-love. It was so wonderful to be a part of.

At one stage of the night, we organically gathered around the mat and sat chatting together as we nibbled on cheese, fruit and crackers. We shared our experiences and I had a complete sense of calm that I haven't felt in any of my previous classes. I was one of the group rather than leading the group. It felt natural, relaxing and truly enjoyable

By the end of the night we were admiring each other's work and chatting about painting ideas and resources. Strangers becoming friends in the name of shared creativity. My heart felt full.


I'll be organising another Paint Night in November. If you'd like to be involved, subscribe to my Art updates HERE and I'll keep you posted. To keep the night feeling intimate, there will only be ten spots available.

Sharing Art is such a gift.

All my Love, Chrissy x

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