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Shave for Inner Beauty

Shave for Inner Beauty

This week I took the plunge and did something pretty effing brave ... I shaved my hair off.. Why?

Because I believe our beauty feels best when it comes from WITHIN.


In recent months I've really craved to challenge ideas of what beauty really means to me. Being both a woman and an Artist has meant that beauty is something I've felt almost pressured into achieving most of my Life. After shaving my husband's head a few weeks ago, I shared that I actually felt jealous of his freedom ... he suggested I should give it a go!

After that, I started to have dreams about shaving my head, but really I just wanted to let go ... surrender my need for beauty ... and ultimately, risk being judged by others. I felt super nervous about taking such a bold step because I'm actually not a lover of raising conflict! Yet there was a deep part inside me urging me on with gentle, open arms. I wanted to meet a new part of my Spirit.

The night before my shave, I shared this post on my facebook and insta accounts :

So, tonight is my last evening with hair; as I’ve made the decision to have my hair shaved tomorrow afternoon. I’m feeling both excited and incredibly vulnerable about the idea!
The are a couple of reasons why I’ve decided to do this ... There’s simple fact that I’m tired of having to style my hair every day.
But it’s actually much deeper than that.
The truth is, I’m shaving my hair because my whole life I’ve wanted to look pretty and I’m tired of basing my self worth on my looks. I want to dig deeper within myself and mine the treasures within, instead of letting society or my own limited thinking define who I should be to be accepted and loved.
I’m feeling both scared and elated and I’m looking forward to the challenge the new experience will bring. Here’s to cultivating a more loving sense inner beauty. Oh and by the way, my husband is 100% behind my decision.

Since I've shaved my head, the biggest thing I've noticed is this: My world did not suddenly fall apart, nor was I suddenly cast into the shadows for being ugly or unlovable. In fact, quite the opposite! The amount of people who have felt touched by this journey so far has been phenomenal and unexpected. Plus my hubby and son love me just as much as before. This has made me wonder if maybe my true beauty had actually been there all along ...


So, I'm two days into my new #InnerBeauty challenge and the feels are still settling in. Some moments I'll get a glimpse of myself in the mirror and felt a little shocked as I'm just not used to seeing myself in this way! Yet every time I've noticed the old talk-back in my head, it's only lovingly challenged me to cultivate my sense of beauty from within. 

A new way of Being is emerging and it feels clean and true and good.

If this is something you support or even feel moved to do yourself, I lovingly urge you to give it a go. It's empowering, freeing, confronting and a true act of courageous self-love to challenge ourselves to think of beauty differently. You might shave your head or just question your old beliefs. I'd love to share this message with other women too, so please feel free to share my video, blog post, pics or your own journey with a hash tag.


Peace out to you beautiful Sisters! Love Ya Heart!

All my Love,

Chrissy x


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