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For My Dad

A couple of weeks ago, we discovered my Dad has cancer. It's been a waiting game since then, with lots of tests and results looming and I've turned to my Art in a BIG way to process everything and just get all the feels out while we waited.

This week we've received news that the cancer is localised and hasn't spread to the rest of his body, which is a relief and his treatments will begin soon. Dad and I have been having some really open chats about it all his choices ahead and it's helped me realise how lucky I am to have him.

But I'm still left feeling pretty wrecked and drained if I'm honest. Wondering if you're about to lose a parent is something really painful to experience and seeing my young-looking Dad on this journey is challenging.

My heart truly is with those of you who have lost someone super close. You still want to be strong and supportive for everyone, but you're melting inside. Life can feel hard sometimes!

I feel so, so blessed that my Dad will be beginning his recovery journey soon. But it's been a very close call and we're still at the starting point here.

No sympathy needed, just wanted to vent.

Love Chrissy xx

Gratitude Creation

Gratitude Creation

Inside My Studio | December 2016

Inside My Studio | December 2016