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Intuitions | Stargazing

Intuitions | Stargazing

This last week or so has transitioned into a beautiful new energy that feels ... well ... more SPACIOUS. If yours has been anything like mine, the first half of the year has felt pretty insanely busy! Yet right now, finally, that energy seems to be clearing to a place where there's room to breathe ... notice ... imagine.

Current work in progress - June 2016

Current work in progress - June 2016

This week, I chose the STARGAZING card for you from my Intuitive Wisdom deck. It's the first card that slipped out of the pack as I went to shuffle them and I've learned to take these as special little messages from the Universe. Their meaning always seems extra poignant and pure.

STARGAZING = Integrity | Self-Nurture | Celestial Energy

STARGAZING - from  Intuitive Wisdom deck

STARGAZING - from Intuitive Wisdom deck

When I first created this Artwork, I'd only intended to play using one of my favourite motifs - leaves. As I played and flowed with the moment's joy, the STARGAZING artwork emerged, quite effortlessly.

This card reminds us that when we follow our bliss, we step into a flow of energy that takes us to truly, beautiful places.

This is not a time for wild action, I feel, it's more a time to nourish ourselves, slow down our pace and take time to enjoy this moment. 

  • Take time to look up at the stars and ponder their vast magnificence.
  • Make time for a nice, warm bath or shower by candlelight.
  • Share your full attention with this magnificent moment and all that it brings.

This intention can then allow us to manifest our experiences from a calmer, more spacious feeling. Imagine the possibilities!

For all the Mamas out there, have you felt rushed, overworked or particularly run-down lately? This is a perfect time to entertain new ways of being with your family and children. A big part of this experience is about practicing stillness and presence with the here and now. 

When we consider new ways of being on a daily basis, we open our experience up to welcome in new possibilities. For example, during my morning meditations recently, my son has begun joining me. Let me just say that it's challenging to meditate with a wriggling four-year-old beside me, but after a couple of days, I've really softened into it and use it as a time to treasure 'present' cuddles with him. Soon enough, he gets bored and runs off and I can finish another 15 minutes of slow breathing in peace!

There is always a way to enjoy the moment. it just takes practice listening to our inner wisdom.

Current work in progress.

Current work in progress.

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