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New Inspiring Offerings

I'm feeling so blessed at how much beautiful praise I've received lately from my customers. Women are regularly using my offerings to create a sanctuary for themselves .. whether it be five minutes a day with my Oracle Cards, creating a heartfelt space in their creative home office, or investing in an Original Artwork to enjoy forevermore and hand down to their children.

When I receive and image like this one above from a customer, excitement bubbles up from within me. I infuse every piece I create with deep love, presence and intention, so to see it functioning this way in women's homes I admire ... well it warms my heart! (and inspires me to create, too)

Being a Mama and business owner means we don't always spend money on ourselves though, nor take the time we need to gift ourselves with loving self-care. So I've added some more ways to entice you to enjoy your self-care ritual ...

To save on shipping and costs, I've created a special listing to combine both my decks together. These are designed to use for a 5 minute spiritual fix every morning ... just shuffle, pick a card or two and use as a prompt to look after YOUR needs and desires, too. Get more self-care flowing HERE.  

Due to popular demand, my Prints Range are now back too and ready for custom order. This means that all my bestselling Artworks are now available affordably, from just $35 a print. These truly do bring feelings of healing, inspiration and freedom into your space and are such great reminders of self-care for you too!

View the inspiring prints range HERE.

All my Love,

Chrissy x

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Step inside my Intuitive Art Show

Step inside my Intuitive Art Show