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Evoking Inner Truths

Evoking Inner Truths

There's something very special about this year, 2017. I can feel it in my bones; like a fusion of fresh new beginnings, seasoned lovingly with all the learning and growth of the past.


The last couple of years I've celebrated the new year with an intention word, rather than a resolution. I originally chose 'Presence' ... but after reading Shelley Klammer's newsletter, I decided to try flipping through a magazine to allow a word to stand out for me.

The word was EVOKE.


When I looked this word up online, I found the meanings to be quite poignant:

To bring a feeling, picture, word or memory to mind; to summon, give rise to of bring forth; to kindle, stimulate or awaken. 

Amazingly enough, these explain my way of living and particularly my Art-making process to a tee. My word felt like confirmation from the Universe that I am on the right path, that I am supported; that I am enough already, right now. No amount of study or skills will make me more than I am in this moment. This feels good to me. 


So as I approach this new year I foresee true heartwork shifts taking place ... Including a greater focus on exhibiting my Art and sharing my process through teaching again. 

As my son starts school next week as a preppie, I will be taking some time to settle into a newly unfolding routine ... Then in the coming weeks I will share some announcements around these events, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates. 

Thanks for being here on this wonderful ride of Life with me. 

All my Love, 

Chrissy x

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