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My Top 3 Tips on When to Say 'No'

My Top 3 Tips on When to Say 'No'

I love to show people I care and appreciate them, through random acts of kindness and generosity of Spirit. Over the years I've bent over backwards to alleviate stress, both in myself and others. Yet as a busy Artist and Mama, my capacity for generosity is often stretched to the limit with family life, let alone anything else.

'How can I possibly meet everyone else's needs, as well as my own?' is a question I used to ask myself regularly. The guidance I've grown to discover is this ...

It's not possible - Sometimes we all have to say 'NO'.

This can be particularly difficult to choose with those close to us, like our children, partners, family, BFF's and even bosses. Yet there inevitably comes a time in life when we need to let other people down, in order to choose our own wellbeing instead.

Personally, nurturing my wellbeing has become of particular importance since both becoming a Mama and having a breakdown in 2014. 'Cause when the well is dry as a stone, we ain't got no juice left for any authentic generosity to occur.

I believe it's time we started to look closer at the value to be generous all of the time and to consider instead stopping for a moment to listen within for guidance.

So, when is it okay to say 'No' to others and 'Yes' to ourselves?

Here are my top three ways to determine when we need to say 'No' or happily say 'Yes'

Ask yourself:

  1. How does saying 'Yes' to this demand feel in my body? Light or heavy? Exciting or dreadful?
  2. How does saying 'No' feel in my body? Dutiful or relieving? Achievable or stressful?
  3. Will this activity enrich my sense of wellbeing, or take me away from it? (Yes. That's the biggie).

We all have inner guidance; our 'Intuition'. She is the 'Inner Tuition' within us, here to teach us our own, beautiful truth.

When we turn to her, she always guides us in walking the richest path we possibly can. She's super empathetic and knows what we're here to learn and that it's okay for us to make mistakes sometimes, too. We're all human.

She also knows how to embody the magnificent, Spiritual Being we came here to be.

If we listen and feel - truly gift ourselves a few moments each day to go within and connect with Her; we discover she's always there to guide us in our wellbeing in each moment. She guides us to honour ourselves and say 'No' when our wellbeing requires us to do so ... and helps fill our cup so saying 'Yes' feels more joyful.

Over the years I've come to know my Intuition pretty well and I have to say, she's more magnificent than I could ever have imagined ... and she's a part of Me. That feels pretty great.

Let's chat:

I'd love to know how your Intuition works in your life. Do you check in with Her? What has She taught you? It's not always easy, but I've grown to know that the best choices feel like relief in the body - even when the choice is a hard one. 

I wish you well on your beautiful journey ... thanks for being here with me on mine.

All my Love,

Chrissy xx

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