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When Artist Meets Motherhood

When Artist Meets Motherhood

There is absolutely no denying that Motherhood has changed me in many ways. This week I've opened up on what life's like for me as an Artist Mama and how parenting has impacted my creative practice. 

'Heart Mountain' - Prints available  HERE

'Heart Mountain' - Prints available HERE

Having been an Artist and Early Childhood Teacher for almost 20 years now, I thought I would take to parenting like a duck to water. I understood how children developed, I genuinely loved kids and I was going to have a blast doing heaps of painting and creative activities with my kid.

What I didn't take into account is how much parenting could actually pull me away from my creative practice as I knew it.

'Bloom Song'. Mixed media on paper. Original Artwork Available  HERE

'Bloom Song'. Mixed media on paper. Original Artwork Available HERE

The truth is, parenting has forced me to change almost every way I've approached Art-making. It's made me grow, it's made me more raw, more deep and care more about my self-care than I ever have before, because there seems so much less time for it now.

In the five years since becoming a Mama, it's been a long and ongoing journey back home to myself. Every day I experience the pull of both worlds, beckoning me to nurture and nourish my lifelong careers in Art + Motherhood.

So how do you chose between the loves of your life? 

Many times I have had to come to terms with the surrender of one whilst doing the other. I have had to scrutinise my values and self-talk on a daily basis. I have had to make ease with not being a superhero. I have had to embrace my humanness in all it's inspiration, sorrow and moments of wisdom ... because that's where all the riches lie. 

Because of Motherhood, I'm being forced to become whole, within.

'Mama's Nurture'. Mixed media on paper. Original Artwork available  HERE

'Mama's Nurture'. Mixed media on paper. Original Artwork available HERE

In a recent chat together, fellow Artist and Mother Jenna Michelle Pink, interviewed me as part of her 'Artist Meets Mother' series. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is one thing in an Artwork but another to put it into words that can capture the experience of when Art + Motherhood meet.

In the interview, Jenna asked me to share my journey of Mothering, how it's changed me as an Artist, whether I involve my son in my paintings and how I manage to balance my creative time with parenting.

CLICK HERE if you'd like to read the full interview.

'Sacred Wisdom'. Currently on show  HERE

'Sacred Wisdom'. Currently on show HERE

The truth is, I'm a better Artist now that I ever was before my son came along. Although my heart has been blown wide into the ethers, every day a small piece of the puzzle comes back home to me as I navigate this new life with paint, love, hugs and stinky little boys feet.

Motherhood has been the exact gift I needed to grow into my own skin. I've grown richer as a person. I've got more feelings to feel. I've got more stories to tell, more moments to share, more little bumps to rub and kiss better. 

For all this, I am grateful, even on the days when it's hard. Because it means, I've a lifetime of Artworks to make and hugs to share as I navigate this journey through life. For this, I have my Husband, Son and Spirit to thank.

All my Love,



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