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Peek Inside my Workshop

Peek Inside my Workshop

Hello beauties. I sit here at 4am, writing to you because I can't sleep. I have all these beautiful ideas and reflections floating in my body and I feel almost busting to share them with you.

This past weekend, I facilitated my first Creating with Feeling workshop

I was joined by 5 beautiful women at my home studio on the pretty Redcliffe Peninsula. This is the first time I have run a class from home and I have to say, the comfort, ease and accessibility was next level. Think comfy lounges, a double long table for painting and art-making, lots of hanging plants and access to all my Art and painting resources. Oh - and plenty of inspiration from my favourite oracle card, incense, music and book collections ❤

This workshop was different to anything I've taught before. More than anything it was a true culmination of my Art + Wellbeing journey to date. I went into this class with the intention of sharing my heart fully, along with my love for creativity, wellbeing, self-care, and intuition.

It was so beautifully received.

I am someone who likes to get in there with my students. To create. Paint. Draw. Brainstorm. Share. Collaborate. Reflect.

Working alongside my students as an equal companion is part of my ethics as a facilitator. I feel the importance in sharing my skills as well as my struggles, because we're all human ... and sharing our stories is what makes our lives meaningful. We can truly connect, knowing we are supported, safe and encouraged to be truly ourselves.

At one point, we had a long roll of butchers paper set up on a double long table, with a selection of colourful pants and brushes in the centre. Starting with one of our intention symbols from the day; we began painting, adding, collaborating, smearing, messing, painting over and letting go until the entire surface was one long river of colour and hearts and smiles were full. At this point, the energy shifted and I felt the beautiful "Ahhhh" of surrender into the present. 

I like to allow a good portion of free time for my students to fully explore the mediums and techniques we've shared together throughout the session. With scissors in hand and National Geographic magazines, the afternoon was spent cutting, gluing, drawing, painting and discovering ourselves through creativity

By the end of the day we were that kind of good-exhausted that comes from a day filled with deeply present creative self-care and inspiration. I've since received some truly beautiful feedback from my students and my heart continues to fill with gratitude for them. They have allowed me to share some of their beautiful, heartfelt creations with you, below.

In the coming weeks I will be launching new monthly Creating with Feeling classes from my home studio in Clontarf, Queensland. Each lesson will feel rich, energising and rooted in intuitive Art processes and creative wellbeing. 

If you are interested, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list if you haven't already. I can't wait!

Oh and a big thanks to @widevisionarts for the beautiful photo shoot of our day. 

All my Love,

Chrissy x


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