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Why Buy Original Art?

Why Buy Original Art?

This is a post I’ve always wanted to share, but haven’t until now. It’s about the perceived value of Original Artworks. 

People often wonder, ‘Why would I buy an Original Artwork, when I can just get a cheap print at Kmart?’ ... or ‘How come some Artists charge so much for a painting?!’ Admittedly some Artists’ Originals can be super pricy and prints ARE an awesome alternative - I personally have purchased many prints over the years of my fave Artist’s work, usually via the Artist’s web shop as I prefer to support them directly. 

But in all honesty, there’s absolutely nothing else in the world like an Original Artwork - it’s quite literally an entirely unique object in the Universe. The depth ... the texture ... even being able to see the Artist’s brush strokes and finger prints in the paint; makes Original Art just feel so much more personal and ALIVE. You can actually FEEL what the Artist felt as they created the piece and that energy is imparted with each piece. It’s crazy amazing and exciting and beautiful all rolled into one!

If you’ve always wanted to own a beautiful Original Artwork but haven’t until now, or maybe you’re already a collector of mine (Thank You!!), I've shared a few of my faves with you below. ‘Lay by’ is also available over a 3 month term, meaning you can get that piece you’ve always loved. 

Original Art is an emotional investment, both for your home and your heart, and having a beautiful piece on your wall is something you will treasure forever and hand down to your own kids, and their kids. Feel free to check out your faves HERE and leave me a comment or email for purchase enquiries. No question is too silly! 

from 198.75
from 100.00
Garden Heart
from 223.75

It’s great to finally share this post in the world! Xx

All My Love,

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