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When I Met My Creative Muse

When I Met My Creative Muse

Hello beautiful heart.

Today' I’d like to share an intimate step into my Art Therapy practice.

In this process, I set an intention:

“I honour my unique relationship with the Creative Muse”

I was interested in the meeting points between my own creativity and that of the divine, Creative Muse, and engage in creative reverence with her. One I’d set this intention and meditated on any messages and images, I began creating.


From here, I sat down in front of our co-creation and dialogued with what the Artwork had to tell me, in light of my intention to connect with the Creative Muse. Below is a stream of consciousness of what I received in dialogue with Her.


I come down, I flow down to you.

You rise, you receive me.

We merge, swirl, mesh.

Your emotions, my fire from the Earth’s core.

Through you, we become oneness.

Without you, we are separate.

Yet to feel met.

You yield to me with harmonious flow.

Your ideas, bring to life mine.

I touch your shoulders.

You feel my heartbeat.

Together, we move like the elements.

We birth Life.

Fire, water, air, ethers, Earth.

We dance on this adventure together.

And what an adventure it is!

Thank you for your willingness.

Your yielding to me.

Your body temple, my medicine, my ability to birth love, newness, contrast, magic into this world.

A ritual, a birthright, a sacred communion, a healing of ancestry, newfound connection to Earth ether energy.

We are united.


Love, Chrissy x

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