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The Making of Intuitive Artwork: Ten of Cups

The Making of Intuitive Artwork: Ten of Cups

Hello Beauty,

Today I’m excited to share my latest heartfelt Intuitive Artwork with you: Ten of Cups.

Ten of Cups_1000.jpg

I am super proud of this Intuitive Artwork, not necessarily because of how she looks; but the feeling and story behind her is significant to me. She came together over three days. Each night after my son went to bed, I would wheel my art cart next to my studio desk and get painting.

At first, it was my intention to keep her simple.


Then when I came back to her the following morning, the Creative Muse within me whispered, ‘Keep Going.’


I initially intended the salmon-pink area under her eyes to be rosy cheeks. However the pink cheeks reminded me of a second set of eyes.

“What would they be for?” I wondered.

I’ve been creating intuitively long enough, to know that if an internal message is ready to emerge and be felt fully, it will unfold. So, I kept working with the energy of curiosity; adding collage using floral photos I’d taken a few years ago at the Toowoomba Flower Festival.

This is the moment when Her meaning started to shift.


At this point, I displayed the painting up in front of me, and decided to dialogue with it. What insights did She have to share with me? What are these two sets of eyes I notice about? Here is an excerpt of my conversation with the Artwork from my Intuitive Journal, 31st July, 2019:

Dialogue with my Artwork:

I look ahead; my gaze softened, yet focussed on a target.

My hair glistens.

I bring my thoughts and works down to my heart for cleansing and blessing, then I speak my truth.

You have two sets of eyes; one for what you see before you, the other, to see through love.

Both are important. Both perspectives are worthy of your attention and love.

You constrict, you contract your truth because you fear your voice will get washed away in the tides of unimportance. Yet know this: Your voice is a pillar in the lives of many. And we all feel vulnerable in our truth.

Try, when you’re here in fear, bringing your words down to your heart for a moment of empathetic love. This, you know you are good at.

Bathe them. Love them. Surround them with soft, pink love.

Then look at the situation once again, through your second pair of eyes, in love.

See which perspective feels best, then speak of that.

Yeah … wowsers. This process of dialoguing with our Art is so, so insightful and spot-on. Seeing the artwork from a distance allowed me to engage with it as a separate entity, full of potential and truth. It enabled me to listen, to hear, for new insight to be known.

From here, the rest of the Artwork unfolded with new purpose. I was no longer afraid of overworking her, since my original intention was to keep Her simple. Quite to opposite, actually. I let Her unfold opulently, through the eyes of great love.


I have named her Ten of Cups. Why? Because I stamped the word ‘TEN’ on there for some reason, and there was a cup-shape nearby, so it made sense. I’m not proficient in tarot, so I googled what Ten of Cups represented, and it’s all about claiming love, receiving it, letting go of worry and fear, and allowing abundance in. Sounds like a beautiful message to claim! Thanks beautiful!

I’ve created a 40-second time-lapse video of the artwork unfolding, it looks pretty cool to see it in this way.

I will be putting this piece in an upcoming exhibition in New Farm, Brisbane in September. So keep your eyes (both sets) open for your invite soon!

Wishing you abundance in love, beautiful one.

Love, Chrissy x

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