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Why I've Lowered my Prices

I have been debating with myself on whether or not to share this post. A lot of puzzle pieces have fallen into place for me this last week and some are still yet to.

After 13 years of striving, I am ready to make some big changes in my Artistic Career (I poured my heart out about this HERE). The truth is, I woke up one morning recently and realised - I am over the struggle of 'making it' as a successful Artist.

gallery shot

This decision came after last week, when I had a meeting booked to discuss a solo show with my very first gallery owner - Ever.

I had always worried that my work wouldn't 'fit' in a gallery because it's too feminine / spiritual / playful / naive. Plus, I was scared shitless of rejection. But I thought if I wanted to 'move forward' as an Artist, I should be having solo gallery shows ... Because isn't that where the big bucks recognition happens for Artists? It's the well trodden path, so surely that's where I should go too, right?

So, I chose five of my favourite canvasses and went along very prepared to the meeting. It began with me sharing a little about my intuitive painting process, the inspirations that feed into my work and about my Life-taught background.

The owner looked intently at my works and graciously wondered aloud if my work might be better suited to  homewares stores and interior design spaces, alongside beautiful lush furnishings etc.

I have to say, an inner tape said 'I told you so! Your work isn't good enough!' ... But, she actually helped me find my groove.

Before I left, she hung three of my paintings on the gallery wall and asked me to reflect myself ... Is gallery exposure the best way forward for me? We could talk about a gallery show, but where do I really want my Art to be situated? Where could my Art truly shine?

In the days after, I realised that whether or not my work is in a Gallery, a Shop or sitting in my Studio, that this was not the real issue here. There is a great deal of warmth, connection and spirituality in my works, just like the space I create from ... and I'd forgotten this was really my focus.

So why had making big $$ on my paintings become so important to me? Was becoming the breadwinner for our family 2 years ago what tipped the scales? That time has passed now, the struggle for career/financial success has been freed up.

I think the truth is, I was trying to PROVE that I was worthy, rather than actually believing it myself. I thought I could 'fake it until I made it' ... when being authentic and REAL is what really counts for me.

Who do really I want to be?

artists studio

It was time to get real with myself. For too long now, I have tried to do everything 'right' to succeed in my Art career. I have followed all the Artist success tips, researched and adhered to the pricing formulas suggested for middle-career-Artists, subscribed to the best Art-biz blogs and trainings, to help push my work forward. SO much work goes into being a full-time Artist, it's nothing like 'the painting dream' everyone thinks.

But you know what? The price I paid was my humility, my authenticity, MY LIFE.

All that striving sucked the Life out of me and I no longer want to strive towards where I think I 'should be'. Although my recent Original Art price increases were within where I read I 'should be' situating myself at this point in my career, I never truly felt comfortable saying them. It was too far, too fast, too not-me, for Me.

I just want to make Art I enjoy, when I feel inspiration to make it. And then I want to share it with people, because that makes me feel happy too. That's it. Simple. 

THIS is how I want to Live my Life - With Authentic Freedom.

So, this week, I've emailed my Original Artwork customers from the last year. I have shared my story and my intentions with them and discussed how I am planning to adjust my Life and along with it - My prices. Making my Art more accessible feels like no longer trying to be someone I'm not. I offered each of them another Original Artwork for free, to make up for my upcoming price adjustments.

Then, I waited. Nervously.

I was petrified with what I was doing - Yet also so clear.

You know what? My customers' responses were brimming with support ... And they hadn't expected anything in return. I realised then, that they didn't just buy my Art because they connected with it ... They also connected with Me. They too value integrity and self-care and their Art is a bonus in their lives. This sounds like a fine way to Live.

So now I can share my news with you, too.

My Original Artworks are now much more accessible. Intuitive works on paper now sit in the affordable range, starting at just $100 while my larger canvasses begin at $450.

I can now proudly invite you to visit My Shop HERE.

Ahhh ... it feels so great to say that. So free and accessible and REAL!

I'm not saying I'll never have a gallery show in the future if/when I find the perfect fit ... Or that somewhere down the line I might earn thousands from my paintings. I'm just aware that right now, I want to Live with more freedom in my heart than money can buy.

Besides, there's more to Life than just a being Artist. I am learning, I'm more of a HEARTist.

All my Love,

Chrissy x

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