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Painting Intentions ...

I have recently started reading a book called The Art Spirit. It was written in the early 1900's by an Art teacher called Robert Henri from the U.S; who believed deeply in expressing beauty from one's own authentic viewpoint and with a clear expression to share.

I resonated and felt inspired immediately. 

In it, he talks about the importance of taking time to connect with our unique emotional vantage point, before commencing and expressing ourselves in a new piece of work.

Looking back at my own process, my intention is usually purely to let my intuitive feelings flow straight onto the painting surface. I just let it unfold naturally and usually the painting will uncannily reveal what is happening within me.

... And this has been wonderful. 

Yet this also means if I am working on a painting over a period of weeks or months, I might intuitively approach my painting from different viewpoint every time I work on it, which can change as many times as my undies!

There can be a period of feeling lost at sea, before I find my sea legs again. 

So today I feel excited about pivoting my approach for a while ... Taking moments before I create to meditate, go within, locate my urge and set an intention for the painting. So whenever I pick it up again, I have some braille lines to follow.

I am looking forward to seeing what unfolds as a result of a clear intention, threaded through a whole piece. I have a feeling it may provide a sense of cohesion and clarity ahead for me ... And what happens in Art, does also in Life.

All my Love,

Chrissy x


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