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Sneak Peek - Intuition Cards

Squee I'm so full excitement here!! If you've been following me on Instagram, you might have seen a few sneak peeks of a long time dream of mine, coming to fruition - My deck of Intuition Cards. I've almost completed the design phase and I love, love, love how they're coming together!


These tarot-style cards are based around my Artworks with inspiring prompts for Living an Intuitive Life. Last week I printed them to size to give me an idea of how they will feel in our hands when we use them. I have opted for palm sized cards as I like the idea of intuitive prompts that can easily fit in your purse or wallet photo area, as a reminder. It's the little things that matter, I think.


Since the pics above, I have clarified the designs, colour scheme and title messages, inspiring qualities for Living Authentically and Intuitively. Here is the first sneak peek of a few finished designs.

I literally have butterflies showing you these ... !!!


When printed, the cards will have a smooth, matte-satin feel, with beautiful rounded edges on thick, luxurious card stock. I cannot wait to hold these puppies 'for real'.

These will be perfect for those of us desiring to trust and hear our intuitive voice. It's an ongoing process and I love helping this unfold.

This all feels so good looking forth to my journey ahead. I have a deep hunch that these will be a real gift in people's lives. I hope so anyway!

So, I'll keep on keepin' you posted as these come to Life. Feel free to sign up for updates HERE for notifications when they become available. 

All my Love,


Work in Progress ~ Collage

Paint Night Pics